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The power of an organisational chart for business success
July 20, 2016
Many business owners have the idea that organisational charts and structures are for big businesses. After all, small businesses know who’s in the organisation – where’s the need for a formal structure? But setting up an organisational chart doesn’t just designate who works there; it also gives everyone a basic understanding of each person’s role, who they report to, and – most importantly – how you intend to grow the organisation in the future. Read More »
Director’s liability for unpaid Super
July 15, 2016
If you’re an employer, you should be aware that your business must pay 9.5% on top of each employee’s wage into their superannuation fund. This must be paid at least quarterly – and this quarter’s super payments are now due. Read More »
Taxable Payment Reports: compulsory for building and construction businesses
June 15, 2016
Are you in the building and construction industry? Do you know that you need to report detailed information to the ATO about all the building and construction contractors you have paid each year? No? Well read on…. I’ve noticed that many business owners in the building and construction industry are Read More »
10 things big business do, that small business should be doing
June 15, 2016
1. Early penning of goals, mission, vision and objectives The best CEOs I know often sit very early with a pen and paper and write the fundamental goals and objectives that they expect to get from their business. They’ll go so far as writing a very simple profit and loss, Read More »
The Superstream Deadline and What it Means for Small Business
May 09, 2016
Superstream is a national, electronic superannuation payments system that replaces a number of other payment options that were available around Australia. With one consolidated solution for all employers, the ATO hopes to streamline superannuation payments and ensure that all employees get their entitlements as required by law. While large employers Read More »
How Tax Planning Helped a Gold Coast Business Reduce Tax Liabilities
May 09, 2016
A couple of months ago, we published a blog post on the benefits of tax planning. Today, we’d like to take that topic out of the theoretical and into the practical, by sharing a case study on one of our clients and how they benefited from tax planning. Introducing the Read More »
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