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Should you declare income when renting rooms in your home?
September 23, 2015
A popular method of avoiding taxation in the past has been to buy a property, build or renovate, live in the residence for twelve months (satisfying the appearance of ‘primary place of residence’), then selling the property – and buying another property to repeat the cycle. This takes advantage Read More »
Some basics about Capital Gains Tax
July 10, 2015
Capital gains tax is a tax on the ‘profit’ from having decided to buy, and later sell an investment. If you don’t make a gain, then there’s no tax to pay, and potentially the loss you made has to be held on record in your tax return. The way capital Read More »
June 19, 2015
Introduction to property investment: an informative seminar by local accounting, finance and legal professionals. Hosted by Trak Accountants We have been talking about a seminar series for some time now, so we’re really pleased to be kicking it off with this seminar. One of the most exciting things about this seminar is Read More »
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